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The Following are what some colors
are used for.  The ones I have below
are mostly used for candle magick but
will give you a good idea of what
each is used for.


Black: Meditation, rituals, hexes, uncrossing,
and spells to banish evil and negativity.

Blue: Magical that involves honor,
loyalty, peace, tranquility, truth, wisdom,
protection during sleep, astral projection,
and spells to induce prophetic dreams.

Brown: Spells to locate lost objects and
improve powers of concentration and telepathy,
protection of familiars and household pets.

Gold: Spells that attract power of the cosmic
influences, and rituals to honor solar deities.

Gray: Spells to neutralize negative influences.

Green: Spells involving fertility, success, good luck,
prosperity, money, rejuvenation, and ambition,
rituals to counteract greed and jealousy.

Orange: Spells to stimulate energy.

Pink: Love spells and rituals involving
friendship and femininity.

Purple: Psychic manifestations, healing and spells
involving  power, success, independence and
household protection.

Red: Fertility rites, aphrodisiacs and spells
involving sexual passion, love, health,
physical strength, revenge, anger, will-power,
courage, and magnetism.

Silver: Spells and rituals to remove
negativity, encourage stability and attract the
influence of the Goddess.

White: Consecration rituals, meditation,
divination, exorcism, and spells that involve healing,
clairvoyance, truth, peace, spiritual strength and
lunar energy.

Yellow: Spells involving confidence,
attraction, charm and persuasion.

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