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If you are a beginner in the practice of meditation
there are all sorts of questions that you may have
crossed your mind.
What is meditation?
Why meditate?
Who meditates?
Lastly but most importantly how do I meditate???

Let's address these questions in the order they are
First, meditation in it's simplest form of
-relaxation- quieting the mind.
Putting all thoughts aside for a period of time just
quiet the mind.  Meditation is said to be likened to
prayer but more aptly put is said that "prayer is
done when one talks to God (or a higher power, i.e.
Goddess, or perhaps you prefer to use the term
Supreme Being) all of which apply"
"Meditation is when you quiet the mind and allow
God (or your Goddess) to talk to you."  This makes
it very special.

Secondly - Why Meditate?
There are several reasons - medical science has
proven meditation is an excellent stress reducer.
Blood pressure has been lowered, breathing is
Medically this is beneficial to the heart.  However,
for our purposes as Beginners it is not necessary to go into
all of the medical advantages of Meditation.

Thirdly - Who Meditates?
People from all walks of life, rich, poor, male,
female, young, old, students,or college
professors, doctors, lawyers, judges, the list goes on
and on.  So my friends, when you participate in
meditation you are in very good company.
Meditation is taught by large corporation
throughout the U.S.  By medical hospitals, and that
is just scratching the surface of the advantages of a
principle as old as time.  Meditation was practiced
by ancient peoples throughout the world.

Fourth - How do "I" meditate?
First let me explain, that this is a procedure that
requires practice.  Try to practice a few minutes
daily.  Dispel the notion that Meditation requires
hours to practice.  That just is not so.
You can Meditate for just 5 or 10 minutes at a time.
The important thing is that you Meditate DAILY at
first and if you do, you will reap rewards that you
can only imagine.


Sit upright in a chair or on the floor, (as a beginner
do not lie down.)
You may support the back against the chair or
against the wall.
Remove your shoes and DO NOT cross your legs or
Make sure that you are not wearing any tight
Place your hands in your lap palms up, if desired.
(Palms up is recommended) However, at first it is
just necessary for you to be comfortable.  The hands
are in a comfortable position
Close your eyes gently.
Take a deep breath.
This time focus on the breath.  Relax, inhale
though the nose, fell the air coming in through the
nostrils, feel the chest expand, do not hold the
breath, relax, exhale, slowly through the mouth.
Feel  the breath cross the lips until the air has
cleared the lungs.  Relax.
The purpose of focusing on the breath is to provide
the mind, with something to concentrate on.  It will
help eliminate restless thoughts wandering into the
mind, this is the beginning...
Concentrate on the exhale.  Relax.  Keeping your eyes
closed inhale deeply - causing the chest to rise, do
not strain, keep it gentle.
Gently exhale, feel the breath escape across the lips,
fell the chest lower, blow out the air , gently...
keeping the mind focused on the exhalation.
Now focus the mind on the inhale, gently picture in
your mind the breath completing a circle.  Beginning
with the exhale and the ending with the inhale.
Visualize the circle form, exhale, gently, inhale.

Practice - Practice - Practice
Keep the time to not longer than 5 to 6 min.
Practice for ONE WEEK, at least once a day, oftener if
Remember to find a comfortable position keep
your breathing gentle, focus on your breath.

Come back to this in ONE WEEK and start lesson 2.

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