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Congratulations you have made it to lesson 2

One week has passed and I hope that you have had
the opportunity to practice Lesson One.  It is a very
IMPORTANT Lesson.  By now you should be able
to very easily relax, focus on your breathing,
experience a calmness or stillness and feel refreshed
after you have spent a few minutes doing the
breathing exercise.

This second lesson, my friend, will be basically on
visualization along with the breathing exercise.
You will notice that we are building each lesson on
the previous one.  The reason being it's EASIER...

To begin this session.  Sit in our comfortable
Feet and legs uncrossed.
Back comfortably positioned.
Hands placed comfortably in your lap.
Eyes closed.
Breathe in... Breathe Out, following the directions
given in Lesson One.  Focus on your breathing.

Now I would like for you to visualize---a place--- a
very special place.
This place can be anywhere you choose, just as long
as you enjoy being there, and as long as it is
QUIET.  Perhaps you choose a spot on the beach
where you can be safely alone and watch the waves
roll in, or perhaps see the starry sky.
Maybe for you it is a quiet area in the forest, by a
river, perhaps even a room or place in your own
You may even create a place.  Should you choose to
create your own private place, you may put
anything peaceful and calm in your private place.  A
waterfall perhaps, birds singing, a sailboat.
Each one of you will have your own idea of what is
peaceful, restful and quiet for you.  You must be
comfortable in this place, you will commune with
nature, the sky, trees, birds, water whatever.  The
only restriction is that you will be the only human
being here.
your time.  This is an important step, as you will go
to this place, each time we begin our meditation
Visualize every detail.
Every tree, flower, color, or anything that belongs
in your secret place.  Take your time and take as
long as you need to clearly see your secret place in
your minds eye.

See it!!!!!!
Feel It!!!!!!!!
Breath It In!!!!!!!!!!
Experience your feelings while you are in this
place... Serene, Calm, Peaceful, and Quiet are the
key ingredients for this Secret Place.
Look around.  What do you see?  Keeping your eyes
closed and your body relaxed, think about your
place.  If other thoughts happen to come into your
mind as you are planning your place, DO NOT
become alarmed, this is natural for beginners.
You will in time be able to go secret place
in a matter of seconds, without any outside
To help you (should you have this
problem) Pretend that you have a chalkboard
school eraser in your hand, and any time an outside
thought comes into your mind, take your eraser
and erase that thought.  Bring your mind back into
focus and your Secret Place.
Do not give up.  This may take a bit of time, but you
will confer this task I promise you.

We will now begin our exercise for this week's

Sit comfortably
Close your eyes
Breathe In --- Breath Out (do this 3 times)
Easily, relaxed, quietly.
Following the third inhalation go immediately to
your Secret Place.
What do you feel?
Breathe in the air in this magical place, relax.
Spend as long as you like here, even if it is only a
minute or two or longer.
Remember there is nothing here to cause you any
care.  This is your place, you love this place.
After being here for a short time, satisfied that
this is exactly what you remember focus on your
breathing, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, inhale,
Slowly open your eyes to your current surroundings,
feel calm, rested and quiet.

Isn't this a wonderful experience?
Remember, PRACTICE this exercise for this week,
putting together Lesson One and Lesson Two.
Also make this time frame no longer than 5 or 6
minutes.  You will feel more refreshed, and less
stressful, and more relaxed than you have for some
time if you follow there two steps.
The best results are obtained when you can practice
without being disturbed for a period of 5 or 6

Good Luck.

Come back to this in ONE WEEK and start Lesson 3

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