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The following is a list of some stones/gems
and there Magickal Properties.

AGATE - Energizer, Strengthens.
AMBER - Rids Depression, Lifts the Spirit
AMETHYST - Heightens psychic ability, inner calm, very
helpful in Meditation
AMETHYSTINE - Stimulates, Brings about change
APACHE TEAR - Repels negativity, aids in grief, protection
AQUA AURA - Opens and cleanses the charkras
AQUAMARINE - Clears thinking, Purifying, Confidence,
opens throat charka
AVENTURINE - Speeds healing, promotes creativity and luck
AZURITE - Helps to calm, aids in truth finding and acceptance
BARITE - Excellent, communication aid, especially with
BERYL - Psychic Awareness, another good relationship stone
BLACK ONYX - Repels negitivity all around you
BLOODSTONE - Sooths the mind, Relieves depression, Healing
BLUE LACED AGATE - Promotes feminine qualities,
Gentleness, Peace
BOTSWANA AGATE - Attracts gifts and small pleasures,
Mood lifting
CALCITE - Balancing, good for meditation
CARNELAIN - To focus, Helps make decisions
CHAROITE - Aids in conquering own fears
CHRYSOCOLLA - Feminine qualities, clears thinking
CITRINE - Attracts abundance, Prosperity
CLEAR QUARTZ - Inner awareness, Concentration, Energy
CORAL - Sea travel protection
DANBURITE - Intellectual stone
DIAMOND - Use sparingly Solidfying
EMERALD - Psychic Awareness, Future Seeing
FLOURITE - Clears understanding, aids in centering, astral aid
GARNET - Heightens sexual awareness, bodily strength,
GOLD - Healing, Promotes abundance
HEMATITE - Excellent grounding stone, Protection, soothing
JACINTH - Friendship, Healing
JADE - Inner Beauty
JASPER (BROWN) - To direct energies towards the body
JASPER (RED) - To attract a love affair or maintain passions
LAPIS LAZULI - Justice, Honor, Spirituality
LEOPARD JASPER - A good grounding stone, opens to new
MALACHITE - Inspiration, Spiritual Harmony, Protector of
MOLDAVITE - Usually finds Healers, cosmic and astral
MOONSTONE - Divination, Dreams, Balances emotions
MOSS AGATE - Acceptance, confidence, a good
Herbalist stone
MOTHER OF PEARL - Money attraction, protection
OBSIDIAN - Protection, Inner hidden issues
ONYX - Stablilization, Comfort, Faith
OPAL - Spirituality, Contact with the spirits
PEARL - Intuition, Divination aid
PERIDOT - Compassion, Simple pleasures
PYRITE - Money attraction, eases fears and dreads
QUARTZ (ROSE) - Healing, Friendships, Love
RED JASPER - Aids in remembering dreams, Justice
RHODONITE - Draws love, heals emotions
ROCK CRYSTAL - Direct contact with spirit world, Centering
RUBY - To bring about a very deep and pure love affair
SAPPHIRE - Protection, luck, peace of mind
SELENITE - Astral aid, ease thoughts and emotions
SMOKEY QUARTZ - A need for invisibility, ridding of
unwanted elements
SNOWFLAKE OBSIDIAN - Brings peace and inner calm,
aids in recognizing patterns of behavior
SODALITE - Self-esteem, obsorbs negativity
TIGER'S EYE - Strength, Independence, Business 'start-ups'
TOPAZ - Dispel fears, warmth
TOURMALINE - Black for protection and grounding,
Freen for healing and purifying
TURQUOISE - Physical protection, Creative force

note : before you can use any stone/gem you should cleanse it.
To do this bury it under the ground for a few days, or run it under
a fresh spring.  Or some say you can just clean it with soap and
water.  But if you don't many other peoples vibs could be in the stone.

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